I sometimes describe my music as "Sarah McLachlan and Jewel playing Scrabble, while Tori Amos is in a fridge nearby".

Meaning I do the singer-songwriter thing, and it's not always sunshine and rainbows. Although there are always unicorns somewhere...
(Why is Tori in a fridge? Coz my music can be a little like hers, but more chilled).

Jim Henson is my all-time hero.

My musical heroes are Simon & Garfunkel, ToTo and the Pet Shop Boys.

I love Disney's Beauty and The Beast and James Cameron's Aliens equally.

Chocolate is very important to me. Being Fair Trade is just as important.

Yes it's true... I am passionate about both Star Trek, Star Wars AND Babylon 5.

It's not everything, but it gives you an idea.

One cannot deny oneself.

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