UPDATE: Chaos Management won Best Short Foreign Film at ARFF!!!

So Dave and I are in Austin, Texas right now for the Austin Revolution Film Festival (ARFF) from Sept 20-24th. You may remember me mentioning "Chaos Management", a short film I scored last year. The lovely Writer/Director/Producer/ of the film, Michelle Muldoon sent me here to represent Team Chaos at ARFF and we're very excited! Not only do we love film, but we're also nominated for Best Foreign Short Film. "Wahoo!" says Dave.


Chaos Management has been having a great run recently:

MartialCon, California - Winner, Best Director
Covellite International Film Festival, Montana - Winner, Best Short Film
The Go West Festival, California - Runner Up, Best Action Short Film
Vancouver International Women In Film Festival, British Columbia - Official Selection
NOVA Film Festival, Virginia - Official Selection
Action On Film International Film Festival, California - Official Selection
Valley Film Festival, California - Official Selection

We're very proud to be part of Team Chaos and thrilled for Michelle who is a great friend and creative collaborator. Now we're off to meet some lovely people and see some great films!

Ciao darlings!

So this happened... 18 minutes of LOD goodness on the Action on Film show. Filmed in Monrovia, CA.

Click HERE or on the image below, turn up the volume and chill out with a mug of tea. Ommmm...



Just came back from a fantastic trip to the UK. My first ever UK tour and it was a blast. I played in Surrey, Woking, York and Edinburgh. We met the loveliest people and had the best time. Here's a little peak:

The Phoenix Cultural Centre in Woking with Lisa Von H:


The Sundown Sessions in York:


At The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh:


I brought along a friend of mine as I set off for LA and the UK this winter. His name is Dave.
Waaaaay more interesting to look at than me. We did lots together and we'll do much more. He's a great traveling companion, roadie and all round good egg.

(For more adventures with Dave keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter pages)

 Hollywood and Sequoia National Park:



I scored a short film this summer called "Chaos Management" which was written and directed by my good friend and collaborator, Michelle Muldoon. It was shown the other week at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Monrovia, California. Yay!

The film is only 3 minutes long and there is music throughout. I was the first person to say to Michelle, "Are you sure you want music through the whole thing?!", but she had her vision and, as usual, she was right.

I love working with Michelle. It never feels like work! This project was a joy to be part of and I'm very proud of the music I wrote and performed. It's an instrumental score with an electronic ambient vibe which I love to do. I also love the film. "Quirky" is an understatement!

The music video for my song "Hey You" is nominated in the Best Music Video category this year. Very excited and thrilled that more people get to see this piece which I'm still very chuffed to be a part of.

The marvelous director of the video and my good friend and collaborator, Michelle Muldoon, talks about it in her blog here.

Click here to watch the video

Yay team!

  • New music video
  • New album
  • New stuff

When? Soon.

It's out! Click here or on the photo below to watch my new music video, "Hey You":

I am so proud of this video. Conceived and directed by my long-time collaborator and friend, Michelle Muldoon, she took my song and created something beyond my imagination.

“Hey You” is about connection and space. Using dance as the visual medium to illustrate a relationship we explored the idea of reaching for another person both emotionally and physically. The principal characters of the dance are two women and their relationship is deliberately ambiguous.

The singer is separate from the dancers so allowing us, the audience, to share her perspective as we watch the relationship of the two characters evolve. The dancers are seen as if in rehearsal, so we are witnessing a moment that is private between them. 

Both Michelle and I are keen to show relationships not often seen in the mainstream media. This project was an opportunity to examine human connection as well as create something beautiful to watch. I love it!

I am eternally grateful to the cast and crew:

Michelle Muldoon for her creative and directorly genius, (click here to read her blog post about her creative choices for the film)
Thomas Billingsley for his beautiful work as DP,
Maxine Chadburn and Kelly McInnes for their delicious performances and Maxine's choreography,
Mauri Bernstein for her gorgeous editing,
Michelle Lamberson for her stills photography prowess,
Michelle Carrington for her make up excellence,
Jo Pipes for pushing that dolly around and making it look so effortless,
Eric Carbery for superb gafferness,
Lisa Ovies for her generosity and humour,
Rebecca Hales for her hard work before and during the shoot,
Neil Menard for keeping us all in focus,
Marc Baker for keeping digital things organized and numerous other activities I didn't see.

It takes a village and I'm so glad you were in mine!

Big lurve to you all!


Out of 7 nominations for Best Music Video we won runner up at the Action On Film Festival! Wow!!

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the video, especially the captain of this ship, Michelle Muldoon. So proud of your work and to have this as a music video to one of my songs.

How many times can I scream "WOW!" and jump up an down with glee? Infinity. That's how many.


Two huge announcements:

Not only that the music video to my song "Hey You" (from the upcoming album "Teeny Tiny Friends") is premiering at the Action On Film (AOF) international Film Festival in California (WAHOO!!)...

...we also got nominated for Best Music Video! (WAHEY!)

It's screening 3 times during the festival and I'm thrilled about it. Director/Producer Michelle Muldoon - who conceived the video - is down there to represent us. She really is quite fabulous. Click here for her blog post about the screening.

Much gratitude to Del Weston and the gang at AOF for their support x


This is so cool! The lovely folks at the legendary Kitsilano Showboat put my photo on the cover of this year's souvenir brouchure. Wow!

I had such a blast playing there as always. Huge thanks to Barry, Kosta and the gang for always making me feel so rock 'n roll :)

 Photos courtesy of Kitsilano Showboat and Candice Foster

One of the many things I love about my job is playing shows in unusual places. This past weekend was the North Vancouver Community Arts Council's annual "Art In The Garden Tour" and what lovely weather we had!

Musicians and visual artists get the opportunity to show their work in the garden of a North Van resident. A great way to meet local artists and build community. The gardens and gardeners were lovely hosts and made me feel so welcome. What lovely gardens they were!

I was so happy to be part of it again this year. Thanks NVCAC x


From the upcoming album "Little Stories" the LOD Tourism Bureau brings you "Show Me"!!!

Filmed around Vancouver this gives you a little flavor of this beautiful place that I call home and also what it might be like to hang out with me for an afternoon as I run around the city!

Directed by Angel McNamara, who also directed the vid for "Happy", the idea was to have Vancouver be the backdrop in a way not ordinarily seen. I think it looks marvelous :)

Click here or on the pic above to watch:



I was recently invited to be interviewed by the lovely Karen Liscomb for KliffsEdge.com: A great blog about a band's songwriting journey. She asked me about my decision to be a working musician, my music and the process among other things...

Click here to read the interview. I'm thrilled! Thanks Karen!

(May 27th 2015: The link no longer exists sadly, but here's proof I was on the site!)


It's all happening in The Land...

The video for "Show Me" from my upcoming band album, "Little Stories" is almost done! Yeay!!!

And we just shot the vid for "Hey You" which is a tune on my upcoming acoustic album, "Teeny Tiny Friends":

Yep. Life is interesting (understatement).

Click on the pics for more photos from the shoots or click here


Yeay! Here's the video for my performance and interview on On Da Grine TV a while back. Click here or on the photo below to check it out:

Huge thanks to Valentine Henderson, Debbie Walker and the On Da Grine crew. A lovely bunch!


Finally! I got the pics sorted from the Trees show last month, and what a show it was! So many folks came down - thank you so much for your support.

I put together a collage so you can get a sense of the vibe. It was my first show playing only piano so many songs had not been heard before. Of course there were the Land of Deborah Frisbee and CD Giveaways... It was a blast!

This is most excellent! My music video for "Happy" was shot in Port Moody, BC and as a result their local community website/blog did an interview with me.

Click here or on the picture below to check it out:

I still can't believe it! It's my first mention in this publication and it's something I've dreamed about. Now, as part of an article for this year's Make Music Vancouver festival there I am! I'm humbled and honored by the whole thing. Wow!

Click here or on the picture below for the full article:

Huge thanks to John Lucas and The Georgia Straight posse!


Yes, it's here!!!

The song is called "Happy" and it's from my upcoming album "Little Stories" to be released in the Fall of 2013.

Shot in the lovely city of Port Moody, it was directed by Angel McNamara. Much fun was had!



Over Christmas I was in the UK. It's fun being a tourist in your own country, so I decided to share some of my trip with you. I made a short video showing some of the things I loved.

It's only 3 minutes long and it will give you a little taste of Blighty.




I'm thrilled to share that I was in 24Hours yesterday. Thanks to Sarah Rowland for her lovely words!

Oh much fun was had at The Backstage...

Here's a vid of our performance of "Home" from the upcoming album "Little Stories". Click on the pic below or click this LOD link to watch. Enjoy!


This Sunday September 30th I will playing at The Backstage Lounge with my wonderful band. I'll also be joined by Ranj Singh and Sillken for an evening of singer-songwriter grooviness.

As always, I will be doing The Land of Deborah CD giveaway, although this time it's a little different. Click here or on the picture below to get a sneak peak:

Doors: 7pm
Show: 8pm
Cover: $7
The Backstage Lounge is on Granville Island (by the Public Market and behind the Arts Club Theatre)

See you there!


[LOD UPDATE: This blog page no longer exists. You can find my video blog here]

So I started a video blog. It's the same blog I had before, but with a vid instead of pics!

You can find it here http://thelandofdeborah.com/blog/

Here's the first installment:

You can also leave comments now.... just click on the "Read More" link and at the end of the post is a place to leave your thoughts.



Join me on Monday August 27th at Section (3) to support conservation and research for marine megafauna off the coast of Mozambique in Africa.

More info on Facebook Click Here


Lovely bloke and Grammy-nominated producer, Ted Myers, releases the first song "Forever Blue" from his new album "Life After Life" with a little LOD seasoning on backing vocals :)

Thanks again to Ted for inviting me to be part of the tune.

Here's the vid. Enjoy!


Along with Sherri C. on drums and Alec on guitar we played a set at the Positivity Party stage last Sunday. Thanks to Cori for inviting us to play :)

It was also the debut of our "Living On A Prayer - Step By Step" hybrid which got great reactions from the crowd!

The weather was in our favor and the mood was groovy.

Yes. Groovy.


My cover of a classic...
(Joined by Alec Macaulay on electric guitar)


At the wonderful Organic Connections Cafe, right on the beach in White Rock - I'll be there playing my tunes.

Join me :)


About 3 mins in you hear my tune as it helps Kris Meador review Edifier's TICK TOCK DOCK - a speaker, FM radio and Alarm Clock combo.



I love it when my tunes have a life outside my head! Thanks to Kris for the opportunity :)


Excited to be playing at The Tipper Room on Sunday as part of the 'Takin' Turns" series....
Inviting you to have food, listen to great music and not to worry about getting up for work on Monday!



So my stint as Chester Field the Squirrel has come to an end.

However, if you want to know more about the squirrel himself check out this great vid by the Vita Bella team.

Behind the scenes reveals the REAL story... Enjoy!


In the final episode of Vita Bella -  The Dogumentary we find out what happens to the gang... including the Squirrel.

Get out the tissue box!

I had great fun being part of this project. Congratulations to Pam Bentley and the crew for a great show!


My stint as the neurotic squirrel continues in Episode 5 of Vita Bella: The Dogumentary:


Playing at The Gathering Place in Port Coquitlam next Friday. Really looking forward to it.

They created a lovely poster for it too:

Yvette Dudley-Neuman, Playwright and Actor extraordinaire, asked me to write a couple of tunes for her new play, "Christmas Crackers" playing at the Jericho Arts Centre until December 23rd. One of them is a cover of Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer as a rap. I wrote a backing track for them, but haven't heard the finished piece. Can't wait to see it!

Vita Bella - The Dogumentary is a web series about a camera-shy dog and in episode 4 we come across a neurotic squirrel voiced by me!

There were no notes in the script about the squirrel's origins, just that he was a bit frazzled. I decided that a northern-British accent seemed appropriate for him so I sent my demo along and they picked me!


Click on episode 4 of 'Vita Bella - The Dogumentary here or watch below:

Each year The Kidney Foundation of Canada mounts an unique fundraiser for kidney research – “A Brush of Hope“. Canadians from many walks of life pick up paint and brushes to create one-of-a-kind works which are then auctioned on eBay.

This year I was invited to take part along with...


I've been talking about it for ages and here it is! Very excited to be in my new online home.

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