"...uplifted by her soft yet unyielding vocals. She has a presence and a wisdom that she instills in her songwriting, while an innocence flows from her vocals."

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Last month I was involved in a fundraising event which was featured in SNAP Downtown Vancouver. It was a benefit for the Kitsilano Showboat which was damaged in a storm last year. The 77 year old outdoor stage is an important part of the community holding free events for everyone to enjoy every summer. I have played there several times and I loved it!

I ended up MC'ing with Showboat President, and all-round fabulous bloke, Barry Leinbach. Over $2000 was raised! I was honored to be part of the event.

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Born and raised in England, The Land of Deborah is an independent artist living in Vancouver. In 2011, her first music video, titled "Pocket of Heaven," aired on "The AOF Channel" Series shown on various NBC affiliates in the US. It is my pleasure to interview her today.

Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Deborah, thank you for answering my questions. When did you decide to become a professional musician?

Land of Deborah: It’s something I’ve wanted to be since I can remember. I’ve played music all of my life. However, I was not very confident in my abilities and was always encouraged to pursue a more financially secure career-path. So that’s what I did.

I learned a lot, but I wasn’t complete. There came a point in my life when I couldn’t ignore that little voice inside anymore, so I decided to really commit to music and it was just a few years ago.

CM: You have quite a unique voice. Did you receive any formal training or are you self-taught?

LoD: Self-taught. Over the last few years I’ve paid more attention to vocal technique and use warmup tips from other musicians. Warming up is the best advice I’ve ever got given from a fellow muso.

CM: Your latest release is called "In". Quite a short, but intriguing title. What is the story behind it?

LoD: My previous release was “You Are Here”. The idea being “You are here… in The Land of Deborah”. The last CD is a compilation of my last two EPs and some extras, so now you’re definitely “IN” The Land.

CM: How different is this album compared to your first one?

LoD: It might be easier to compare the last one to the one I’m working on now which is all new material. The last one had some new-agey/electronica vibes on it. The new one is all band-based.

CM: If you had to choose a specific song from your repertoire, what would it be? And why?

LoD: Oooh that’s tricky. “Happy” is one of my favorites to perform, because I like the groove of it. It will be on the upcoming album.

CM: How do you usually work on a piece? Do you need a particular setting or do you go with the flow?

LoD: When I’m writing my own songs, I go with the flow. I have to wait for them to show up and they usually do when I need them most. For example, if I’m trying to process something in my life or just need to express myself. When the song shows up for the first time, it’s my favorite part of the creative process – A goose-bumply moment!

When I’m writing/scoring for film, it’s different. The muse usually shows up on demand.

CM: I love the part of your bio where you describe yourself as "an independent artist with a unique take on life, love and the pursuit of fair trade chocolate." Would you expound on that?

LoD: I believe in chocolate. I also believe in treating people and compensating them fairly for their goods. I like that you can have your socially conscious - and yet delicious - dessert in the same dish. It’s heaven to me!

CM: You have performed all over Vancouver. Any favourite moment?

LoD: I love it when people say my music has helped them in some way. That’s when you realize that music is a force outside of yourself and has it’s own life. Love that stuff!

CM: What is next for you?

LoD: I’m excited to finish up my album and unleash it to the world. Should be out in the fall. Then I will sleep for about a year.

CM: Where can people find more information about you and your music?

LoD: www.thelandofdeborah.com or www.about.me/thelandofdeborah.

CM: Any last words?

LoD: Chocolate, Muppets and The A-Team (TV version)

Thank you so much Cendrine. This is has been a blast!

"One need listen no further than The Land of Deborah's latest release, You Are Here, to witness one of the smoothest voices in the city. Coupled with distinct, yet subtle instrumentation, The Land of Deborah's sound grows to resemble that which may have occurred if M.I.A. set out to make a Carly Simon record"

"Comfortable music for relaxing musical retreats, I have found The Land of Deborah to be a comfy place of hugs, mugs and massages. So ease in, and let the sweet sound take you away."

"A beautiful, haunting voice that takes you away with her words and music... A must have for any music collection."

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